Marrying as a foreigner – Wedding and honeymoon in Seychelles

Seychelles is a paradise for people in love and the perfect place to marry. This applies especially for marrying as a binational couple and for marrying as a foreigner. The very few formalities which you have to deal with make marrying in Seychelles somewhat a pleasure. In our wedding guide you can find which rules and regulations in general apply. Depending on your main residence, you might face some special regulations.

Marrying as a Frenchman

As French citizen you need to register for your marriage in Seychelles 2 month before at the French consulate. Naturally, we will support you and help with the necessary procedure.

Marrying as a Swiss

Coming from Switzerland or having your residents in this country means you not only need to register your wedding at the Seychelles civil office, you have to additionally inform the Swiss consulate (located in Mahé). If you have questions regarding the procedure, we will happily help and support you.

Germans, Austrians and Swiss with residence in the middle East or Asia

If you live as expats in the middle East or Asia, a marriage certificate from Seychelles is often not sufficient. To receive recognition of your marriage you need certified documents. Ask, please! We gladly help you with the application process. Even if your marriage in Seychelles means you have to deal with slightly more bureaucracy, we will stand by your side the entire way! Contact us as soon as possible and book one of our wedding packages, so we can easily deal with all the procedures and regulations in time. Then nothing gets in the way of your dream wedding in paradise – you can marry as foreigners and afterwards enjoy your honeymoon.

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