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Wedding abroad – uncomplicated marriages in the Seychelles

In the Seychelles, bureaucratic procedures are quite uncomplicated. This is also true when it comes to a wedding abroad. You need only a few papers, and even if, for example, you have different nationalities as a bridal couple, there are hardly any additional hurdles. Important for you: Book your wedding package for the Seychelles in time – this guarantees you a relaxed wedding and wonderful honeymoon.

Marriage abroad – German laws

As a rule, a marriage abroad is recognized in Germany if both spouses were at the time of age and were single. There are no other peculiarities, even if you have German citizenship, but you have your place of residence abroad. The authorities in the Seychelles make it even easier for you. In addition to the certificate of marriage, an apostille is issued. This confirmation of your wedding in the Seychelles is issued by the court, it will be given to you about four days after the wedding. – This is by the way, besides many other good reasons, an aspect that makes the honeymoon in the Seychelles so appealing.

Getting married in the Seychelles – regulations for the wedding abroad

While you as a German bride and groom need only a few documents to get married on the Seychelles, further documents are due people with some other citizenships. As a German you need for the wedding abroad on the Seychelles birth certificate and valid passport as well as a certificate of your office, or the divorce verdict. For the French and Swiss as well as for expatriates some special rules and special features apply. If these are fulfilled, the wedding on the Seychelles with marriage ceremony on the beach also brings no difficulties for binational couples.

For the marriages in the Seychelles you do not need a separate visa. Upon arrival, you will receive a visitor pass valid for one month. If you can no longer be separate from paradise, you can extend this visa up to 12 months. This regulation applies to all EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.