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Marriage abroad – dream destination Seychelles

Marriage abroad, for example in the Seychelles, has a special charm for many couples for several reasons. There is, on the one hand, the dreamlike scenery, which makes every wedding photo and the whole experience an unforgettable memory. But also the bureaucratic hurdles that are often difficult elsewhere attract: marriages in the Seychelles are very easy.

Marriage abroad – the papers must be correct

If you want to marry in the Seychelles, you only have to prepare a little – but do this right! Thus, certain documents must be available in time on the island group’s administration office, and the couple itself must be on the Seychelles three days before the closing date. If you want your wedding in the Seychelles to be easy and effortless, leave the whole planning to us! We take care of the application of your wedding ceremony at the beach or in the hotel, offer our wedding photographers service to you and gladly organize your honeymoon in the Seychelles. On request we will provide you with an individual wedding package, which will make your wedding on the Seychelles even more beautiful.

The Seychelles – the ideal place to marry abroad

Not only the paradisiacal beaches of the Seychelles and the exotic landscape make the place ideal for marriages abroad, yet another aspect makes a wedding on the islands ideal. The Apostille, which is exhibited by the office after the wedding ceremony, is valid almost everywhere in the world. This means for you: A marriage, which is concluded in the Seychelles, also counts in your home country. This can be really important, for example, when country laws make it difficult or even impossible to conclude a marriage. This applies, for example, to the expats from the Emirates. The expat wedding in the Seychelles will solve many problems for you quite easily – ask us, we will be happy to advise you!