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Honeymoon Seychelles – Your time in paradise

Not only marrying in the Seychelles is simply a dream, the island group also offers you the ideal opportunities for the honeymoon. You are right on the island group in the Indian Ocean if you want to spend this time with paradise-like weather in an exotic and incomparable landscape. The possibilities are almost unlimited: you can enjoy your honeymoon in a luxury hotel and on the beach, marvel at the beauty of the riffs and the fish world while diving or wander across the islands and discover the many secrets of the Seychelles.

We organize your wedding!

We organize with you your entire wedding in the Seychelles with all extras and according to your ideas. This begins with the selection of the right place: in the Seychelles, the wedding on the beach is just as possible as the small ceremony in the hotel or hotel room. We recommend you the most beautiful hotels on the islands and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable all around. To ensure that the Seychelles’ time is unforgettable, we also provide a wedding photographer on request. He captures the most beautiful moments of your wedding, but also the preparations and the time after, for you.

The most beautiful places for the honeymoon in the Seychelles

Many stays in the Seychelles and a variety of organized weddings on the islands make us specialists for the most beautiful places on the main island of Mahé, but also on Praslin, La Digue or the outer islands. We present you our personal highlights – you will have a large choice among the numerous opportunities the islands offer. Be inspired by the wonderful photos in our gallery, look at our packages for wedding and honeymoon, or arrange your own dream time in the Seychelles.

Do you dream of “honeymooning” in the Seychelles and a wedding in paradise? Then contact us by mail, phone or WhatsApp! We are happy to advise you and arrange your perfect wedding and honeymoon package.